Milestone is an experienced group of business creativity and innovation facilitators who are passionately connected to the motivations and values that enrich and complicate brands. Led by veteran strategic facilitator Robert Taraschi, Milestone helps companies foster the type of group creativity and planning that fuels growth.

We not only understand products, but the people who buy them and make them as well. We understand the forces that swirl around brands to make them interesting, surprising and unique. That’s why we’ve assembled our service offerings to connect with people and their passions.  Our service offerings are designed to provoke ideas, harness creative energies and remove obstacles to engagement. 

Our approach to creativity and innovation are designed to make any aspect of a new idea better.  We facilitate 100 business creativity and innovation growth sessions per year. For the hundreds of companies we’ve served for the past 25 years, our interests and our passions have been fueled by one construction: no two clients are ever alike.